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Free Shipping on orders $129.99+ All prices are in CAD
Elevate Your Urban Style: The Meridian Heated Jacket for the Modern Woman

Not so long ago, women who wanted to stay warm in frigid weather often had to sacrifice comfort and style to do it. But those days are long gone, thanks to Fieldsheer's heated jackets for women. Let's take a closer look at how they work and answer a critical question - what is the best women's heated jacket?

How do heated jackets work?

Heated jackets like those made by Fieldsheer go far beyond the passive heating and insulation provided by traditional outwear. Heating elements are woven directly into the garment, with extra concentration on areas that need the most warmth, like the chest, upper back, and pockets. These draw their power from rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that offer hours of juice and are easy to control via convenient touch controls or Bluetooth with the MW Connect app.

Are heated jackets safe?

You don't need to worry about safety when wearing a high-quality heated jacket like Fieldsheer's. When properly taken care of and charged, there's very little risk to wearers. Fieldsheer uses only top-quality lithium-ion batteries to avoid the potential issues that can plague cheaper ones. Plus, Fieldsheer's Waterpell water-resistant outer shell ensures rain, snow, sleet, and other wetness don't penetrate the jacket, keeping the heating components dry and protected.

Where can I buy a heated jacket?

Plenty of places offer heated jackets, but you shouldn't waste your money on low-quality, off-brand options that will barely last a season. Invest in the best with the Fieldsheer women's heated Meridian Jacket. This long winter coat falls just above the knee, providing the ideal combination of coverage and freedom of motion. It's equipped with the best of Mobile Warming technology, the Powersheer XL micro heat system. It offers adjustable heat settings from 90 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit, with enough power from 4-volt Powersheer XL High Capacity Lithium-Ion Rechargeable Batteries to last more than nine hours on low settings. And it's easily controlled via the convenient MW Connect app, allowing you to tweak temperature settings right from your smartphone.

This active heating system combines the incredible heat-trapping power of premium Primaloft inner core insulation, a lightweight, sustainable, high-performance fill, along with other features like an insulated, removable hood, zippered front pockets, and helpful internal storage areas.

All of this works together to make the Meridian Jacket the perfect piece of outerwear for running errands around town, a walk around the neighborhood on a chilly day, or a cold-weather getaway.

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