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Free Shipping on orders $129.99+ All prices are in CAD
Exploring the Brand Partnerships of Fieldsheer Canada

At Fieldsheer Canada, we understand that strong partnerships are the key to elevating our brand and expanding our reach across markets. That's why we strategically align with organizations that share our passion for innovation and commitment to quality. Through these collaborations, we enhance our product offerings, strengthen our brand presence, and connect with new audiences.

One such partnership is with Meyer Shank Racing, where we proudly serve as the official cooling and heated apparel partner. It’s a perfect match that highlights our dedication to high-performance gear and the rigorous demands of auto racing. This joint effort allows us to showcase our advanced Mobile Warming and Mobile Cooling technologies, making sure the team stays comfortable in varying race conditions.

These alliances are not just business transactions; they are a mutual exchange of values and strengths that drive us forward. They help us grow our brand and reinforce our commitment to providing top-tier, innovative solutions to all our customers. Let’s explore the benefits and successes of these partnerships, which play an important role in our journey towards product breakthroughs and market leadership.

Fieldsheer Canada’s Brand Partnerships

By joining forces with leading brands, we not only expand our market base but also enrich our product development with fresh insights and expertise. Each collaboration is carefully chosen to ensure mutual benefits, allowing both us and our partners to grow and succeed together. This approach helps us stay ahead in the competitive apparel industry, continuously delivering high-quality, cutting-edge products to our customers.

Sports Equipment and Supply

At Fieldsheer Canada, we partner with leading companies in various sports categories and merge our expertise in high-performance apparel with the specialized needs of each sport. For instance, our partnership with Big Rock Sports focuses on developing products that enhance comfort and performance for outdoor enthusiasts.

We also work closely with Shooter's Choice to integrate our advanced fabric technologies into gear that meets the demands of precision shooting. Meanwhile, our alliance with Target Sports involves co-marketing efforts that highlight the quality and technological innovation of our combined product lines.

We invite you to explore these exciting partnerships further and discover how they enhance the sporting experience. Check out our latest collaborative products and initiatives in the sports category to see how we're pushing the boundaries together.

Fashion and Home Goods

Our partnerships in the fashion industry feature outdoor casual wear and rugged adventure gear. Our partnership with Island Outfitters blends style with functionality, developing fashion-forward apparel that withstands the elements while keeping wearers stylish and comfortable.

With The Northwest Company, we combine their well-known designs with our innovative thermal technologies, creating branded home textiles that appeal to sports, entertainment, and lifestyle enthusiasts. We support these collaborations that showcase the fusion of style and technology, setting new trends in the fashion world.

We encourage you to dive deeper into our fashion partnerships. Explore how we're redefining fashion with technology and discover the latest in stylish, functional apparel through our joint efforts.

Sustainable Environmental Practices

At Fieldsheer Canada, we believe in the impact of environmental sustainability and actively seek partnerships that reflect this value. Our collaboration with D&R Sporting Goods focuses on integrating eco-friendly practices into our product lines. Together, we develop apparel using sustainable materials and methods that minimize environmental impact.

With Rugged North, we engage in co-branding initiatives that promote our shared dedication to durability and sustainability. Our mutual marketing initiatives highlight the importance of using long-lasting products that help reduce waste.

Discover the impactful ways we are working together to make a positive difference in the industry and for our planet. We want you to learn more about how Fieldsheer Canada and our partners are advancing environmental sustainability.

Jobsite and Warehouse Workwear

We recognize the basic need for reliable workwear, and our partnerships in this sector are designed to enhance safety and comfort for workers across various industries. Our advanced fabric technologies make us an ideal partner for workwear companies, helping to bring innovative solutions to the market.

We combine our expertise with Mr. Safety Shoes’ to create products that keep workers comfortable and protected from head to toe. With Northern Factory Workwear, we focus on developing high-quality, durable clothing that withstands the rigors of tough work environments. We also engage with Jobsite Workwear in joint marketing campaigns that showcase our combined strengths, emphasizing the benefits of choosing high-performance workwear.

Learn more about our innovative collaborations that put worker safety and comfort first. Investigate our workwear partnerships further and learn how Fieldsheer Canada is setting new standards in the industry.

Agriculture Retail

At Fieldsheer Canada, we understand the unique demands of agricultural work, making us an ideal partner for companies in the agricultural sector. Our expertise in creating high-performance apparel ensures that workers are equipped with gear that enhances both comfort and efficiency in challenging farm environments.

Our partnership with Peavey Industries, a leading farm and ranch retailer, focuses on offering tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of the agricultural community. Together, we develop co-branded products that combine our thermal regulation technology with durable materials perfect for farm use.

Our joint marketing campaigns further highlight the resilience and innovation of our apparel, making it a top choice for those in agriculture. We invite you to learn more about our agricultural partnerships and discover how Fieldsheer Canada’s cutting-edge products are revolutionizing farm workwear. Explore our collaborative efforts that bring comfort and durability straight to the fields.

Explore How Fieldsheer Canada’s Partnerships Can Benefit You

Our strategic partnerships at Fieldsheer Canada are more than just a boost to our brand — they're a catalyst for innovation and competitiveness in the market. Prestigious partners like Meyer Shank Racing push us to excel and innovate continually, ensuring our products not only meet but exceed the expectations of high-performance environments.

These collaborations allow us to leverage shared knowledge and resources, sparking new ideas and refining our technologies. This dynamic exchange keeps us at the forefront of the apparel industry, particularly in the specialized fields of battery-operated heated and cooled apparel.

Join us as we continue to push our limits and form partnerships that promise to broaden our horizons and affirm our place as leaders in the market. Contact us today to see how we’re redefining what is possible in performance apparel.

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