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Exploring the World of Heated Vests: A Comprehensive Buyer's Guide

Sometimes, old-school winter wear just won't cut it. When the weather is especially frigid, those who work and have fun outdoors need more than just extra padding or warm materials. That's where heated vests come in. But many aren't familiar with their considerable benefits - or even how they work. Let's take a closer look at what you need to know.

What are Heated Vests?

Heated vests are an improvement on traditional cold-weather vests, combining passive insulation and warming with active heating elements. These are woven directly into the vest, providing a discreet, protected heat source that draws power from batteries. Some use single-use batteries, though the best quality vests will opt for lithium-ion rechargeable batteries instead. The heating element is controlled through different means, usually a touch control or button on the garment, or in some cases, Bluetooth or other technology.

The Benefits of Heated Vests

The biggest advantage of a heat vest over unheated versions is the improved comfort. More warmth and comfort means better performance and a more enjoyable experience while out in the cold. They also allow you to spend more time outdoors doing what you love or taking care of business. It doesn't matter if wearers are tearing down the hill on their skis, working hard to get a big job done, or just running errands around town. You'll have the warmth and endurance to do it.

Of course, vests aren't the only piece of outerwear available in heated form. But they provide an ideal option to keep your core warm while maintaining a full range of motion for your arms. They're also a top choice for layering, allowing you to bulk up your chest and abdomen without having to squeeze into tighter sleeves.

What to Look for in a Heated Vest

Not every heated vest has the same features or is worth your investment. One of the most critical things to consider is the location and number of heating zones in the vest. This will play the most significant role in determining whether you'll be comfortable. Next, always look into the battery capacity and how long the vests keep you warm. This will often depend on the level of heat, as many top models are adjustable. 

Beyond just the ability to provide heat, different models and brands of heated vests can truly distinguish themselves with additional features, from waterproofing to extra pockets and more. Finally, you can't forget to consider style. After all, you'll be wearing this vest out and about, so the best options should make you look as good as you feel.

Maintaining Your Heated Vest

No matter what kind of heated vests you have, they'll require a bit of extra care to keep them in top shape for the long run. The most important thing to remember is to always disconnect the battery pack before washing. Most heated vests (including Fieldsheer Mobile Warming vests) are machine washable, though care instructions will vary from model to model and brand to brand. You should always consult the care tag or manual before first washing to ensure you keep your vest in the best possible shape.

Make the Right Choice: Shop Fieldsheer's Mobile Warming Heated Vests

Those looking for the best heated vest won't have to look far. They'll find it from Fieldsheer's Mobile Warming line of vests. Available in both men's heated vests and women's heated vests, options range from sleek, stylish models that will fit in anywhere to workwear-focused or camouflaged hunting vests. They're powered by Powersheer rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which can provide up to ten hours of heat for even long days outdoors. Some can even be controlled via Bluetooth using the easy-to-use MW Connect app.

Other features include Zapsheer anti-static technology for added safety, as well as Waterpell water-resistance treatment and a Sweatsheer moisture-wicking mesh liner to keep wearers dry and comfortable.

Don't spend the winter shivering or waste your money on a low-quality heated vest. Shop Fieldsheer and enjoy many hours of warmth ahead, no matter what the thermometer says.


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