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Free Shipping on orders $129.99+ All prices are in CAD
Gift Guide for the Adventurist

It’s officially December…

which means many of y’all are out searching high and low for the best gifts for any adventure lover in your life. Gifts for the adventurist don’t have to break the bank.

Here are some great gift ideas for any outdoor enthusiast, adventurist, or anyone that simply loves the outdoors:

Headlamp ($20-$50)
A headlamp is one of the most useful items you can have with you when hitting the road. Having the option to have light during your travels while also keeping your hands free makes all the difference while traveling in the outdoors. These can easily be found at most major retailers or even online.

Power Bank Portable Charging Packs ($20-$50)

Portable power is a must when heading out to explore the world. While there are cheaper options for portable power banks I highly suggest aiming in the $20-$50 range, only because with power banks, you get what you pay for! Many power banks have enough power to keep all of your devices charged for a couple days. Again, the better the power bank often comes with the most power.

Backpack ($50-$100)
There is always use for a good reliable backpack for the traveler or outdoorsman/woman in your life. I feel that the $50-$100 range is safe for making sure you get great quality while also being reassured it’ll be made to last and also durable for all your travels. An important factor to consider while looking for a good backpack for traveling or enjoying the outdoors is space, size, comfortability, and attachments/organization. Check out any major outdoor retailer for great backpack options!

Compact Travel Towels ($25)
Gifting a towel? Sounds silly but having a soft, quick-drying, and highly packable, towel during traveling makes all the difference! An easy starting point would be searching: quick drying towel, compact towel, etc.

Hydroflask Water Bottle ($30+)
Staying hydrated has never been easier thanks to Hydroflask water bottles. Simple, elegant, and incredibly well made, these double-vacuum insulated bottles are built to survive the outdoors and travel. They can keep cold beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot liquids hot for as much as 12. No self respecting adventurer should ever leave home without one!

Fieldsheer Heated Outerwear ($99+)

A must for any outdoor loving traveler is heated gear. This isn't something I’d suggest finding the cheapest deal for. Finding a great deal is one thing but invest in some well made, durable, and long lasting heated clothing for women and men. Fieldsheer technology is specially engineered for cold weather. The exclusive Fieldsheer heating system utilizes Far-Infrared heat and ultra-fine metal fiber heating elements powered by lightweight, rechargeable, and powerful Lithium-Ion batteries. As heat builds, Fieldsheer advanced materials reflect and direct heat back towards the body ensuring that you stay warm! Fieldsheer has it all from heated socks, gloves, base layers, to outer layers; so the gifting possibilities are endless!

There are many other great gifting options but great factors to consider while shopping for a traveler or outdoorsman/women is:

  • Will he/she use this item?

Seems like common sense but you really need to think realistic with this one. Don’t purchase that item at the cash register that is there for last minute purchases. Take time to think if they will use the item, how they will use it, and if it would even make a difference.

  • Will this make their traveling or adventures easier?

Gifting shouldn’t be a “just because” purchase. Think how the item(s) will impact their traveling or adventures, if the item will make their adventures or travels easier, and will it even make a difference.

  • Will he/she enjoy this item?

You want them to enjoy the gift! Get personal about the gift: What could they really use but also will truly enjoy? Do they really need another lighter or travel pocket knife? Or could they use and would they appreciate heated gloves for camping? I think, yes!

There is a lot to take into consideration while shopping for someone who loves to travel or go on adventures in the outdoors. Don’t let it overwhelm you! This can be a simple task if you take the time to get personal and truly think about how the gift will impact their adventures. If you do just that, your gift is bound to be the gift of the year!

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