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Maximizing Safety and Comfort: Integrating Heated High-Vis Workwear into Your Winter Gear

Many people pick out their work outfits with looks in mind, but some have different and more serious concerns when they dress. These include construction workers, road crew members, warehouse workers, first responders, and many others who need to be easily seen to stay safe on the job. For decades, high-visibility (or high-vis) workwear has done the job. Now, Fieldsheer's Mobile Warming line of high-vis jackets, vests, and other heated workwear is changing the game once again, providing incredible comfort and warmth to workers dealing with frigid weather. Let's take a closer look at these valuable pieces that deserve a spot in your closet.

Do High Visibility Jackets Work?

Absolutely! This important style of clothing relies on two key features to ensure wearers can be easily seen no matter what conditions arise. The first is the most apparent to anyone who looks at one - the eye-poppingly bright fluorescent colors, typically yellow, orange, or green. Unlike typical tones, they stand out in any setting, catching the eye and serving as an important visual reminder of your presence. Meanwhile, most high-vis gear also includes strategically placed reflective strips or other material. These are specially designed to catch and reflect even the lowest levels of light, making the most out of the often low-visibility situations where this gear is needed.

Why add Heated Features?

While safety is always the top priority while on the job, it's not the only consideration. High-vis clothing may keep you safe, but heated gear keeps you comfortable. This is especially valuable for those working long shifts outdoors, who need to be ready to perform at their best even as the mercury plunges. When you're comfortable, you're more likely to perform at your best, reducing mistakes and improving productivity. Meanwhile, staying warm also provides extra endurance for those long shifts or busy days working to get a project done.

Heated clothing works by integrating the warming elements directly into the construction of the clothing, which is connected to a battery pack, typically a rechargeable option. Convenient touch controls (or even Bluetooth options) allow wearers to turn on the heating elements and often dial in the perfect temperature setting they need. These active features work alongside the traditional passive insulation provided by winter wear to create a feeling that can withstand the chilliest winter days.

Easy to See, Easy to Stay Warm: Shop Fieldsheer's High-Vis Workwear

When you're investing in your safety and comfort, it's worth choosing the best. For high-vis heated workwear, that's Fieldsheer's Mobile Warming gear, like the HIGH-VIS Heated Pullover Hoodie. Plentiful reflective material and a bright yellow color take high visibility to the extreme while heating zones in the chest and back keep you warm. An integrated, easy-to-use touch control button allows wearers to toggle between four different settings suitable for all weather conditions. Some last up to ten hours for long days on the job, thanks to the high-quality 2200mAh lithium-ion battery. 

Transitioning to another exceptional option, the Phase Performance Heated Hoodie, while it may not have the same level of reflective safety features, still stands out in a vibrant blaze orange hue. It also boasts multiple heating areas with up to 12 hours of heat, ensuring extended comfort. Both hoodies are crafted from a durable, rugged cotton-polyester blend, designed to withstand the rigors of demanding jobs. For those seeking high visibility jackets with the added benefit of heat,

Ready to Elevate Your Workwear? Choose Fieldsheer for Unmatched Safety and Warmth

Don't let the cold weather slow you down. With Fieldsheer's Mobile Warming line of high-vis jackets, vests, and other heated workwear, you're not just choosing safety; you're choosing unparalleled comfort and warmth. Whether you're a construction worker, road crew member, warehouse worker, or first responder, our gear is designed to keep you visible and warm in the toughest conditions.

For hardworking people everywhere, there's no better answer to where to buy high visibility jackets with a heated boost than Fieldsheer. Explore our range of high-vis heated workwear and discover how Fieldsheer is revolutionizing the way you work in winter. From the HIGH-VIS Heated Pullover Hoodie to the vibrant Phase Performance Heated Hoodie, we have everything you need to stay safe and comfortable. Shop now and experience the difference Fieldsheer can make in your workday.  
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