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Packing Light for Winter

Just because the weather gets cold doesn’t mean families need to put their lives on hold or hide inside from the weather. Some may try to avoid winter travel due to the thought of packing multiple different clothing items for the multiple layers to be worn. Realistically packing smart doesn’t need to be difficult. Think out your days and plan your outfits for each day.

There are many methods to packing light during the winter travels but here are just a few easy tips:

  • Pack 1 general outfit per day: an easy reminder to consider is to pack outfits that can be switched up between casual and Outfits that can be worn more than one way makes your traveling a whole lot lighter! Neutrals help. Consider these simple fashion tips while packing during winter months:
    • Pack thermals/long underwear Replace some tops with sweaters

Make one of your bottoms a basic pair of black pants Choose boots as your one shoe

Pack warm, lightweight socks

Accessorize with hats, gloves, and scarves Choose your jacket/coat wisely

(warming jackets are perfect!)

  • Lay out each outfit: lay out your shirt, add your pants on top, nicely place any undergarments (and accessories) on the Finally, roll (not fold) the completed outfit together; this not only makes sure you didn’t forget any part of the outfit but also keeps your luggage organized! If you’re wanting to avoid wrinkles in formal outfits fold the formal outfits and lay them on top. You’d be surprised just how much room is saved when you roll your outfits instead of fold them.
  • Separately from your outfits pack all of your bathroom essentials; makeup, beauty products, hygiene goods, etc. Don't overpack this step - don’t prepare for the worst; prepare for the best case scenario. Do you really need to bring 4 different mascaras?
  • Invest in some good quality heated clothing; leggings, shirts, jackets, gloves, socks, and more. Having some quality heated outerwear can not only help you stay warm but helps avoid having to pack multiple bulky layers to help you pack light for any winter travels. A good suggestion is to invest in a good base layer like heated leggings and a basic heated shirt or two. Next, prepare for the colder weather with some good heated outerwear like a heated jacket or coat + being prepared with a pair of heated socks and gloves wouldn’t hurt either!

How Can Fieldsheer Help?

Don’t hide this winter. Get out and explore, enjoy the outdoors, travel and see the world! Fieldsheer has heated clothing for men and women to help lighten up your luggage while keeping you warm and comfortable this winter. The Ion Pant and Ion Shirt are great base layers while the Sierra Jacket and Cascade Vest would be great for outerlayers. If you’re needing a hooded option the Ridge Jacket will save you from those wet and rainy days + don’t forget to keep your hands and feet warm with a pair of their heated gloves and heated socks! Don’t let the winter season stress get the best of your travels.

Pack smart. Pack light. Stay warm, stay comfortable.

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