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Power Up Your Adventure: How Fieldsheer's XL Battery Offers 3 Extra Hours of Warmth

On a frigid day outdoors, whether for work or play, few things are more frustrating than your heated apparel running out of juice right when you need it most. Don't get left out in the cold. Upgrade to the Fieldsheer Powersheer XL battery and power your Mobile Warming garment without worrying. Let's take a closer look at the features and what it can do for you.

The Fieldsheer Powersheer XL Battery

There's no better choice for long-lasting warmth in Fieldsheer Mobile Warming garments than this high-storage, 7.4-volt battery. The Powersheer XL includes a 4000 mAh capacity that not only heats for up to three hours longer than standard batteries but allows you to target more heating zones. It also offers additional features like a built-in LED flashlight and a USB output, allowing the battery to be used as a power bank for portable devices like cell phones. Plus, it charges up in just four to five hours, using a convenient micro USB cable.

Fieldsheer XL Battery Clothing Options

Current users of Fieldsheer Mobile Warming batteries items won't have to update their wardrobes to take advantage of the extra warmth and features of the Powersheer XL rechargeable battery. It can be used with any 7.4-volt Fieldsheer jacket or vest, offering a diverse mix of styles and features, including the Men's and Women's Adventure Jacket, where it comes standard. In addition, it's a perfect choice for the comfortable, water-resistant Universal Hand Warmer, a must-have accessory for skiing, working outdoors, hiking, or watching your favorite team play a cold-weather game. This versatility in battery usage is one of the best advantages of upgrading.

What Reviewers Have To Say

Everything you need to know about the Fieldsheer XL battery can be learned from the rave reviews left by real users. One praised the XL for helping him avoid having to change out batteries in heated clothes on long days in the cold, declaring, "Great battery improvement!" Another praised the product, the price, and Fieldsheer's dedicated customer service as "first rate." Some went as far as to declare that the Powersheer XL "holds a charge like no other battery."

Stay Warm with the Fieldsheer 7.4-Volt XL Battery

Sometimes, a regular battery just won't do the trick for long days in the cold. Before this happens to you, keep your Fieldsheer Mobile Warming garments nice and cozy by adding the Fieldsheer 7.4v Powersheer XL battery to your collection. From the ample capacity to the convenient additional features, there's no better way to go when it comes to warming up.
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