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Your Essential Packing Guide: Cooling Clothes for a Canadian Summer Getaway

Are you planning a late summer vacation? You're in for a treat! This summer started hot and we are now experiencing some of the hottest temps ever. Fieldsheer’s Mobile Cooling line is built to keep you cool, comfortable, and protected from the dangers of summer sun and heat. One common factor across all adventures is the need for essentials that keep you comfortable and cool in hot weather.

Join us at Fieldsheer as we delve into a range of cooler cloth clothes and acessories, designed with cutting-edge technology to help you beat the heat, whether you're working, playing, or vacationing.

For Men: Cool and Functional 

Fieldsheer's men's cooling apparel line is a game-changer for those seeking comfort in the scorching summer heat. Our collection includes popular items like the Mobile Cooling® long-sleeve shirts, and hoodies, which are more than just a style statement. These shirts are designed with our innovative DriComfort® cooling fabric technology that not only cools you down 30x faster than traditional knits but also dries 4x faster than cotton.

You might wonder, "How can long sleeve shirts keep me cool on a hot day?" The answer lies in the smart design and the dual benefits these shirts offer. A well-ventilated long sleeve shirt can keep you cool and provide UPF50 protection from the sun, ensuring you stay cool and safe from the sun's radiation.

In addition to the long-sleeve shirts, our range cooling shirts also includes tanks and short sleeve shirts, perfect for keeping you comfortable in scorching and humid climates, no matter the activity. Each piece in our men's cooling apparel line is designed for maximum comfort and optimal temperature control, making them an essential part of your summer wardrobe.

For Women: Beat the Heat in Style

For women planning a Canadian summer getaway, Fieldsheer offers a diverse collection of cooling clothes. Our line is designed with your comfort and flexibility in mind, ensuring you're prepared for any summer adventure.

Our women's cooler cloth cooling shirts, crafted from lightweight and breathable fabrics, provide more than just style. They are equipped with technology designed for your comfort, offering maximum UPF50 sun protection, exceptional cooling, and superior moisture-wicking capabilities. They dry incredibly fast, ensuring you can keep going without discomfort.

Fieldsheer's collection includes a variety of shirt styles. Our Mobile Cooling® Women's long sleeve shirts are perfect for breezy summer evenings or when full sun protection is needed. For hot midday adventures, our Mobile Cooling® Women's Short Sleeve Shirt and Mobile Cooling® Women's Tank Top offer optimal comfort and flexibility, keeping you cool throughout your summer adventures.

Mobile Cooling® Accessories

Fieldsheer's Mobile Cooling® technology is designed to keep you. This innovative technology uses the body's natural cooling process—evaporative cooling—to enhance your comfort in hot conditions.

DriComfort GEO 365 Accessoreis

Fieldsheer's Mobile Cooling® gear, crafted from our DriComfort GEO 365 fabric, is designed to pull heat and moisture away from the skin, drying up to 4x faster than regular knits for a lasting cooling effect. This includes stylish and practical accessories like our Mobile Cooling® Neck Gaiter and our Mobile Cooling® Skull Cap which offer UPF50 sun block protection and Odorsheer® technology to keep odor-causing microbes at bay. 

Hydrologic Gear Accessories

Fieldsheer's Hydrologic accessories, such as the Mobile Cooling® Hydrologic Towel and the Mobile Cooling® Hydrologic® Cooling Vest, are designed for comfort during hot days. These products use unique hydrologic technology for rapid cooling. Simply saturate your cooling cloth in water for 1-2 minutes, and wear it for instant relief. Incorporate these essentials into your packing list for a comfortable Canadian summer getaway.

Stay Cool with Fieldsheer

Embrace the heat of the summer without compromise. With Fieldsheer's extensive range of men's and women's cooling clothes, you can stay cool, comfortable, and protected, no matter the intensity of the sun. From our innovative Mobile Cooling® long-sleeve shirts, short-sleeve shirts, and tank tops to our functional accessories like the water-activated Neck Gaiters and hydrologic towels, we have you covered.

Don't let the heat limit your adventures. Choose Fieldsheer's cooling clothes and accessories, designed with cutting-edge technology for your comfort and protection. Shop Fieldsheer today and experience the difference that our cooling technology can make for your Canadian summer getaway.

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