7.4v Powersheer™ XL Battery & Cable (2021)

7.4v Powersheer™ XL Battery & Cable (2021)

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The 7.4-volt 7.4v Powersheer™ XL Plus Li-Ion is part of our new 2020 line of Micro USB charging Mobile Warming® batteries. The 7.4-volt 7.4v Powersheer™ XL Plus is our premium 7.4-volt battery featuring a larger milliamp hour capacity, enabling longer heat times and the capacity to target more heat zones than our 7.4-volt Standard battery. The 7.4-volt 7.4v Powersheer™ XL Plus also offers a built-in LED Flashlight and USB output to let you use your battery as a power bank to charge mobile devices. With over 15 years in the heated apparel industry, Fieldsheer® has focused on using only the highest quality Lithium-ion batteries to ensure long-lasting power and battery life. Our batteries are designed to power your Fieldsheer garment with Mobile Warming® Technology to give you hours of heat, ensuring you stay warm and comfortable.
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*Fieldsheer garments have an athletic fit. If you are in between sizes or unsure on how to measure, we recommend you order a size up.

These 7.4-volt 7.4v Powersheer™ XL plus battery comes standard is our Men’s and Women’s Adventure Jackets and Universal Handwarmer but is compatible with ALL Fieldsheer 7.4-volt Heated Jackets, Vests, and Baselayers. To learn more about which garments are compatible with what batteries, check out our Mobile Warming® Technology Battery Compatibility Chart.


  • Rating: 7.4volts, 4000mAh
  • Input: Micro 5v 2A
  • DC Port Output: 4V@1.8A max
  • USB Port Output: 5v 2.1A
  • LED Light Battery Meter
  • Charge Time: 4-5 hours*
  • Footnote: Charge time is based off using a USB-A wall charger that delivers 5V@2.1A
  • Size Inches: 4.5in x 2.7in x 0.62in


  • (1) 7.4v+ Battery
  • (1) Micro USB Cable

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