Merino Heated Baselayer Pant Women's

Merino Heated Baselayer Pant Women's

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As part of our Performance Series, these Fieldsheer’s® Merino Heated Baselayer Pants are powered by our Powersheer™ Standard rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery, which delivers up to 10 hours of effective heating comfort supported by a universal USB charging port. Designed for versatility, wear this as a base layer to deliver unparalleled levels of warmth and safety. Its naturally breathable merino-knit is ideal for fall or spring hikes or any of your favorite outdoor activities. As the temperatures dip, simply activate one of four heat settings with our proprietary Bluetooth® integrated MW Connect™ app. Multi-zone heating elements keep your legs warm and internal temperature regulated in even the harshest winter conditions. We know that winter weather is unpredictable and being prepared is the best way to stay comfortable and safe. Designed with a sleek profile that comfortably fits under jeans, ski and snowboarding pants, and hunting apparel.
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*Fieldsheer garments have an athletic fit. If you are in between sizes or unsure on how to measure, we recommend you order a size up.

Designed with versatility and function in mind, Fieldsheer’s® Merino Women’s Heated Baselayer Pants deliver uncompromising performance combined with Mobile Warming® Technology. Thin enough to be worn under jeans, ski and snowboarding pants, and hunting apparel, the Merino Heated Baselayer Pants are an essential piece of any outdoor person’s kit. Our powerful 7.4-Volt Lithium-Ion battery is supported by a universal USB charging port and can provide heat for up to 10 hours on a single charge. 4 distinct heat settings put you in control, and with seamless Bluetooth® connectivity on our proprietary MW Connect™ app, you can stay warm in even the harshest winter conditions. Easily toggle between heat settings to find the perfect level of comfort on even the coldest winter days.

Part of our Performance Series, the Merino Heated Baselayer Pants keep you in the field and doing what you love longer. Merino wool offers numerous natural benefits, including anti-static properties, better insulation than cotton and synthetic fabrics, and is naturally breathable, ensuring you’ll stay warm and dry all day long. Additionally, it’s an ideal fabric for layering as part of your outdoor equipment. The integrated touch control button makes operation easy and instant. Perfect as your first layer for the coldest winter days in backcountry powder, a late fall camping trip, or early spring morning jog. Multi-zone heating elements deliver even warmth and help keep your internal temperature regulated. The cuffed waist and ankles keep your Heated Baselayer Pants securely in place, ensuring all-day comfort, while the form-fitting design is breathable, keeping you warm and dry no matter what your day holds. Perfect for skiing, snowboarding to any of your favorite winter activities, the Heated Baselayer Pant is an extra layer of comfort in cold conditions.

The Merino Heated Baselayer Pants allow you to keep going no matter what the conditions throw at you, and by maintaining a healthy temperature, you reduce fatigue, muscle soreness and decrease sensitivity. Fieldsheer’s Performance Series delivers unparalleled performance and rugged durability without sacrificing comfort or mobility. Since 1978 Fieldsheer has been a leading manufacturer of outdoor apparel and heated clothing. We know that conditions can change rapidly, and our Merino Heated Baselayer Shirt lets you adapt and stay warm in any environment, from arid desert conditions to high Alpine timberlines.

Baselayer Features:

  • Heavyweight Base Layer
  • Multi-Zone Heat Elements: 2x Inner Thigh & 1x Upper Waist
  • Bluetooth Control with MW Connect available on App Store® or Google Play Store®
  • Integrated Touch Control Button
  • 4 Selectable Heat Settings
  • 7.4volt Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Up to 10 Hours of Power Per Charge
  • Universal USB Charging Input

Battery Features:

* Footnote: Charge time is based off using a USB-A wall charger that delivers 5V@2.1A


(1) Merino Heated Baselayer Pants

(1) Powersheer™ Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery (7.4V 2200mAh)

(1) Micro USB cable

Download the Bluetooth Heated Apparel User Manual