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Remain visible when you need it most with Fieldsheer® Hi Vis technology. Our Hi Vis technology meets class 1,2,3 of the American National Standard for High Visibility. Whatever your Hi Vis needs are, Fieldsheer® delivers the highest level of performance in low light and nighttime conditions. Our innovative Hi Vis technology increases safety if you’re on an overnight ride or an early morning jog while remaining breathable, flexible, and comfortable. Our retro reflection technology directs light straight back at the source, illuminating riders, and increasing safety on the road. Our team of engineers has harnessed this technology to deliver a new level of security and visibility in low light conditions. Our Hi Vis technology completes any kit that will be used during low light conditions or at night. Fieldsheer® Hi Vis technology is a seamless blend of functionality and comfort while delivering greater safety and increased visibility. Low light conditions can be created by a number of variables, and light conditions can change rapidly, our Hi Vis technology adapts to its surroundings and keeps you visible under any light conditions. Hi Vis technology can be utilized in conjunction with other fabrics to deliver warmth, insulation, and water repellent properties. The clear benefits of Hi Vis clothing are often the only consideration when they are produced, but our team of designers and engineers relies on over 40 years of experience to develop comfortable, high-performance Hi Vis clothing to ensure complete safety and visibility in any low light condition. We field-test all of our fabrics to ensure unparalleled performance and optimum results in all low light conditions without sacrificing range of motion, comfort, or flexibility. Stay safe, stay visible, and remain comfortable with Fieldsheer® Hi Vis technology.
  • Increased safety and visibility with Retro Reflection technology
  • Seamless blend of comfort and performance
  • Certified Class 1,2,3 ANSI/ISEA 107-2015