From torrential downpours to misty dawn hikes, Fieldsheer® Rainguard® technology keeps you dry while letting heat and perspiration out. Our field-tested polyurethane coating is 100% waterproof with advanced sewn seams sealed with rugged thermoplastic tape ensuring no leaks and comfortable flexibility. Our Rainguard® technology is designed for use in any climate from high Alpine timberlines to cold NYC winters. Resistant to cold but breathable enough to keep you dry in warmer environments, Rainguard® delivers the perfect blend of durability and lightweight comfort. For over 40 years, Fieldsheer has been innovating outdoor apparel, and we draw inspiration from real-world problems and visionary solutions. Our concepts are born in the field, and we realized that rain and precipitation are not limited to cold climates. So we set out to develop a fabric that could provide a completely waterproof shell that performs in any conditions without restricting movement or becoming uncomfortably hot. Our team of engineers designed a fabric that is incredibly breathable, lightweight, and 100% waterproof with a soft fabric feel, unlike other synthetic rain shells. Most waterproof outer layers are engineered with the sole purpose of keeping water out but become uncomfortable in just moments since their exterior is impermeable. Fieldsheer® Rainguard® technology seamlessly blends performance and comfort, allowing for high performance and rugged durability. We rigorously field-tested our Rainguard® technology to ensure the highest level of performance in every setting from the high mountains to subtropical rainforests and everything in between. Our design process relies on innovative evolution and is informed by performance and durability. Our advanced, breathable, and waterproof Rainguard® technology combines high-performance design with lightweight comfort to provide unparalleled water resistance while allowing for a full range of motion and extreme flexibility. The field is our lab, and our engineers work tirelessly to examine the unique conditions presented by every environment and design a proprietary fabric that delivers complete protection from rain and precipitation without sacrificing comfort or performance.
  • 100% waterproof yet breathable to deliver durable comfort in all conditions
  • Cold resistant field-tested polyurethane exterior
  • Temperature regulation adjusts according to the elements provide continual comfort