Designed for on-the-go use Mobile Cooling Hydrologic provides fast relief in the harshest conditions
Advanced Evaporation Technology Accelerates Cooling
Hydrologic’s Mobile Cooling technology ensures cool comfort no matter where you go
Heavy-Duty Construction
Built to last under even the toughest conditions
Balanced Cooling Brings Core Temperature Down
Keep your internal temperature at a safe range in extreme heat
Effortless Care
Anti-Microbial fabric kills odor causing bacteria and machine wash for easy care
Powerful Cooling Action
By advancing evaporation Hydrologic Mobile Cooling provides cooling relief in seconds

Hydrologic® technology is our water activated advanced evaporation technology that invokes an accelerated cooling experience. Built into our Mobile Cooling; Hydrologic Vests, Cooling Towels, and our Cooling Neckbands. The cooling effect is activated when soaking our Hydrologic fibers in cold water. When the fibers reach their max saturation, and excess water is removed from the garment, the Hydrologic fibers begin a moderated evaporation process right on the surface of the body. This evaporation of liquid creates a reduction in body temperature as latent heat is removed.

These items are easy to activate. Simply wet it then wring, snap or wipe away excess liquid, and you have immediate relief even on the hottest days. Resetting the cooling experience is as easy as soaking the garment again in a cold source of water. All of our Mobile Cooling Hydrologic garments include specific instructions regarding how to best activate your garment.

Designed for both professional and recreational use our Mobile Cooling Hydrologic Vests contain the lion’s share of Mobile Cooling technologies. With a plethora of Hydrologic water-activated cooling fibers on their interior that draws heat away and keeps you in the field longer. You can also add in our fast-acting Hydrologic Pro® Cooling Ice Packs for instant results and long-lasting comfort for over three hours in even the harshest conditions. Our Mobile Cooling Hydrologic products are easy to maintain and built to last, providing a reliable long lasting comfort for any outdoor task.