Long hikes, outdoor activities, and daily use inevitably generate perspiration, which can harbor bacteria, microbes, and cause undesired odors to develop over time. Fieldsheer® developed Odorsheer™ to combat the effects of bacterial growth and eliminate unwanted odors. Odorsheer™ contains no unnatural additives and is gentle on skin while offering superior odor control. Not only can bacteria and microbes create unpleasant odors, but they can also cause colors to fade and shorten the lifespan of a garment. Odorsheer™ improves hygiene, increases freshness, and offers better odor control. Our engineers have designed Odorsheer™ to be a seamless combination of comfort and durability. Whether its a multi-day through hike, a quick morning ride, or simply getting a coffee in the afternoon, Odorsheer™ offers complete odor control for any situation. Odorsheer™ works double duty by also not trapping unwanted odors from campfires, BBQs, or other outdoor odors. Our engineers studied the natural anti-odor properties found in wool to develop Odorsheer’s powerful anti-odor technology. By taking inspiration from nature, Fieldsheer is able to create fabrics that mimic natural materials without disturbing sensitive skin. Our engineers conduct countless hours of field testing to ensure the highest quality odor-reducing technology and deliver a rugged, comfortable fabric that feels natural to the touch. Odorsheer’s formula provides hours of odor-free comfort without any harmful or synthetic additives. By creating an anti-odor surface, we stop bacteria from forming before they can start developing undesired odors and damaging garments. Odorsheer™ allows heat and moisture to breathe from the fabric, which promotes dryer micro surfaces, which decreases the development of harmful bacteria and microbes. We believe that adaptability is paramount, and have designed Odorsheer™ to work in any environment, from below freezing to temperatures above 100°. Unwanted odors are developed when bacteria mix with sweat, and by wicking moisture away from the skin, Odorsheer™ suppresses bacterial growth before it starts. Our Odorsheer™ technology guarantees you can keep moving without unwanted odors.
  • Designed to reduce undesired odors with anti-odor technology
  • Inspired by natural fabrics to deliver unparalleled anti-odor technology
  • Helps mitigates unwanted odors generated from external sources like campfires, BBQs, and other outdoor scents